National Commentaries

“South Korean Threat Perceptions”

A View from South Korea

Threat perceptions are all relative and often do not correspond to objective reality. They are shaped not only by history, proximity, and the nature of issues between countries, […]

A View from the United States

The 2024 world faces globe-spanning conflict, political instability and polarization, and the threat of disinformation. Korea is not immune to these forces. The Yoon Suk-yeol administration has made […]

Country Reports

South Korea
Country Report: South Korea (April 2024)

The unfolding events in South Korea between March and April 2024 demonstrate a dynamic environment influenced by complex diplomatic strategies and regional tensions. The South Korean general elections […]

County Report: China (April 2024)

In early 2024, Chinese analysts carefully examined developments in the Indo-Pacific. They explored the differences between India and Japan as regional powers and the reasons for each country […]

County Report: Japan (May 2024)

On February 16 Yomiuri discussed a proposed law making it easier to share secrets and conduct joint research. This aimed to raise Japan to the international level for […]