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Visualizing Affective Democracy: Learning Community in China and Taiwan through Images of Foreigners

In the past few years, cross-strait relations have been in the news again, especially in terms of China’s hard power reunification strategy and its sharp power influence operations. […]

The Impact of Xi Jinping’s Governance of China – Ⅲ

Xi Jinping’s latest book, The Governance of China, is popping up in odd places. It was prominently displayed on Facebook-founder Mark Zuckerberg’s desk when he entertained China’s Internet […]

The Negative Soft Power of the China Dream – II

As Ming Wan writes in his commentary in The Asan Forum on the “China Dream,” Chinese leaders use New Year’s celebrations as an opportunity to sum up the […]

China Dream – 1

What Can the China Dream “Do” in the PRC?   Since Xi Jinping chose “The China Dream” (中国梦) as his signature slogan in late 2012, much has been […]