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Japan, the Quad and the Indo-Pacific

In the early months of 2021, all eyes have been on the Biden Administration as it unveiled its diplomatic approach to the Indo-Pacific. Perhaps more than at any […]


Without a doubt, Japan’s relations with South Korea are at one of the lowest points in the period since the normalization of relations in 1965. For some time […]

A View from the United States

Prime Minister Abe Shinzo had hoped to improve ties with Beijing ever since returning to office in 2012, and finally, as China’s relations with the United States were […]

Japan, China, and the United States in an Uncertain Asia

Since the territorial dispute erupted, there has been limited contact between the leaders of Japan and China. Prime Minister Abe Shinzo and President Xi Jinping have met only […]

President Obama and Japan-South Korean Relations

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North Korea in Japan’s Strategic Thinking

Through the repeated cycles of North Korean missile and nuclear testing, negotiations, and sanctions that have characterized international reaction to Pyongyang’s proliferation, Japan has gradually lost ground it […]