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US-DPRK relations and China’s response in the Biden era

Whether Washington and Beijing cooperate under the Biden administration depends heavily on whether they reach an understanding on how to approach the DPRK. This was a touchstone for […]

A Chinese Perspective

Trick or Treat: Will the Inter-Korean Rapprochement Last? The Korean Peninsula never lacks for drama. While many people were wondering if a war would break out on the […]

A Chinese Perspective

President Trump had a bad start in his governance in the United States, embroiled in bitter disputes with all kinds of people and suffering repeated frustration in promoting […]

Implementing Sanctions against North Korea:A Chinese Perspective

North Korea’s repeated nuclear and missile tests have invited international sanctions, including those by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). Since 2006, the UNSC passed six resolutions against […]

Option 4: Resuming the Six-Party Talks

The Korean Peninsula has been divided for over seventy years, and there is no sign that the division will end any time soon. The ROK and the DPRK […]

Japan’s Foreign Policy toward Northeast Asia as Seen in Chinese Publications

In the past few years, China and Japan have been experiencing serial difficulties in their relations, beyond anything seen since normalization in 1972. Chinese writings on Japan’s foreign […]

Chinese Strategic Thinking Regarding North Korea

In 2013, China is faced with the challenge of weighing the alternative goals of a favorable balance of power in Northeast Asia, a process of reunification on the […]