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Donald Trump’s ascension to the Oval Office has not buffeted US-India ties to the same extent as it has American relations with other key powers. In part, this […]

Leveraging America’s Asian Pivot to Reinforce the Transatlantic Alliance and Vice Versa

China’s rise is no longer a regional phenomenon but a global one, as the country “goes west” through its Belt & Road Initiative, waves of Chinese capital wash […]

Positive Scenario for Modi’s India “Acts East” Take Two: A Response to Manish Tewari

American officials worked closely with the previous Indian government, led by the Congress Party and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, to build a wide-ranging strategic partnership after decades of […]

Positive Scenario for Modi’s India “Acts East”

The domestic record of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government is mixed. According to Pew, 87 percent of Indians have a favorable opinion of their prime minister, a level […]

Europe’s Incomplete Pivot to Asia

We have been talking about the pivot to Asia, and discussing for so long about the US turning its back on Europe. I have always been convinced that […]

A US Perspective

"India-US relations:Developments from the Fall and Winter of 2014 to the 2015 Modi-Obama Summit"   A Successful Summit Revives US-India Strategic Partnership   In the late 1990s, after […]

India’s New Leadership and East Asia – 3

As befits a leading member of the Indian prime minister’s National Security Advisory Board, Pramit Pal Chaudhuri in his rejoinder adeptly lays out the nuances of India’s China […]

India’s New Leadership and East Asia – 2

Protracted Contest: India-China Relations in the 21st Century The history of Indian foreign policy and Sino-Indian relations suggests that India will not concede to live under Chinese dominion […]

India’s New Leadership and East Asia – 1

India’s election has produced a decisive majority for the political alliance led by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Incoming Prime Minister Narendra Modi promises to reinvigorate an economy […]

The Indo-Japanese Strategic Partnership: Asia’s Response to China’s Rise

For all the focus on China’s ascendancy, the developing strategic and economic entente between Japan and India may eventually prove to be as important in shaping Asia’s future. […]