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Country Report: Japan (June 2014)

The most important event in Japanese foreign policy during this time period was the visit of Barack Obama to Tokyo in late April. Yomiuri shimbun showcased its success […]

Asian Multilateralism: Introduction

In the mid-2010s multilateralism centered on East Asia stands at a turning point. What are its main purposes? What balance of power—military, economic, and cultural—will it reflect? Who […]

Washington Insights: May 2014 (Part 2)

This is the second of two parts of this issue’s Washington Insights. It provides a synopsis of a panel discussion on March 29 at the annual meetings in […]

Country Report: South Korea (May 2014)

President Barack Obama’s late April visits to Asian countries were assessed in Korean papers as an attempt to make the “pivot” to Asia more sophisticated with special emphasis […]

Washington Insights: May 2014 (Part 1)

This is the first of two parts of this issue’s Washington Insights. It consists of some reactions to late April seminars in Washington and a synopsis of a […]

The “China Dream”

When Ming Wan led our Topics of the Month discussion about the “China Dream,” many were uncertain about what this concept means for international relations and how does […]

Update on Japan-Russia Relations

From July to December 2013, Topics of the Month carried a series of statements by Togo Kazuhiko and rejoinders on Japan-Russia relations. In the month of April 2014 […]

Country Report: Japan (April 2014)

February and March 2014 saw Japan much more isolated than at any point since the US occupation, but the shallowness and myopia of Japan’s media coverage stood out […]

Introduction to the Special Forum: March

The discourse employed in China to control the narrative on domestic and global issues has long attracted special attention. Confucian tradition placed fundamental importance on the “rectification of […]

Country Report: South Korea (March 2014)

Two themes have been in the forefront in Korean media coverage of international relations in the region: diplomacy related to reunification and ROK-Japan relations. The former was sparked […]