Sino-US Relations – 1

Obama’s Rebalance, Competition with China and Enduring US Leadership in Southeast Asia   A decision announced recently to implement regulations on enforcement of China’s jurisdiction over vessels using […]

Japan-Russia Relations – 6

The monthly articles that I have been writing since July on Japan-Russia relations are at an end, and this is going to be my final contribution to the […]

The China Dream – 6

This last monthly posting on the “China Dream” discusses the development related to the “China Dream” since November 18 and reflects on what I have learned for the […]

The China Dream – 5

The highly anticipated Third Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee was held in Beijing on November 9-12. The Chinese leadership had sent strong signals that this Third […]

Japan-Russia Relations – 5

Japan-Russia relations in November saw a certain degree of activation. At the October 7 meeting between Abe and Putin in Bali, an agreement was reached to hold the […]

The ROK-US Alliance – 5

The US-ROK Civil Nuclear Cooperation Agreement: Overcoming the Impasse The United States and Republic of Korea have enjoyed a strong partnership for over 60 years, which has contributed […]

The ROK-US Alliance – 4

Progress amidst Problems: Readout of This Month’s ROK-US Annual Security Meeting Thanks to Secretary Chuck Hagel’s important visit to South Korea last week, the ROK-US alliance is on […]

The China Dream – 4

This monthly post tracks developments around the “China Dream” since September 17, 2013 and engages Manoranjan Mohanty whose view was summarized in the rejoinder to my previous post. […]

Japan-Russia Relations – 4

September and early October have been relatively calm months, but nevertheless, both in international events and in the rejoinders that we have received in this forum, there were […]

The ROK-US Alliance – 3

Defining Future Goals of the ROK-US Alliance During the Cold War era, South Korea anchored its security policy mainly to deterrence against the North Korean threat. The main […]