A South Korean Perspective

Analyses of President Yoon Suk-yeol’s foreign policy tend to focus on his government taking a tougher line toward North Korea relative to the engagement-focused approach of the preceding […]

A Japanese Perspective

Abe Shinzo was the most well-traveled prime minister in Japanese history. Abe sought to raise Japan’s stature in the world, support a rules-based global order, and cultivate person-to-person […]

A US Perspective

South Korean efforts to realign its foreign policy to achieve its goal of being a “global pivotal state” are gaining momentum this spring through President Yoon Suk-yeol’s diplomatic […]


The articles in this special forum examine Japan’s foreign policy from three angles. The first provides an overview with a year-by-year breakdown for 2020-23. This is followed by […]

Japan’s Fulsome Embrace of Bipolarity, 2020-2022

A sea change occurred in Japanese foreign policy between 2020 and 2022. When Abe Shinzo resigned as prime minister in September 2020, Japan was struggling with uncertainty about […]

Japan’s Economic Turn to Europe

Economics was at the heart of Abe Shinzo’s project for Japan. For all the attention to constitutional revision or security and foreign policy reform, his agenda for national […]

Southeast Asia Tests the Allure of Japan’s Global Vision

Southeast Asia Tests the Allure of Japan’s Global Vision Shihoko Goto Southeast Asia is a familiar region for the Japanese, where both political leaders and corporate executives feel […]

Country Report: Japan (March 2022)

The winter of 2023 saw Kishida Fumio make a celebrated visit to Washington, while clarifying the new security strategy of Japan in the face of dangers from China, […]