State of the Rebalance

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China’s Regionalism in Asia

President Obama’s “tour around China” and China’s response that “China is right here whether he (Obama) comes or not”1 reflect a delicate US-China estrangement. The China-Japan Diaoyu Island […]

America Reengages Asia

In late April 2014, President Barack Obama paid his fifth official visit to Asia—a tour of four nations intended to reassure nervous allies of America’s commitment to them, […]

President Obama and Japan-South Korean Relations

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TPP – 3

In the two months since my original article for The Asan Forum, TPP appears to have stalled. News reports of the most recent negotiating round, as well as […]

TPP – 2

My article in The Asan Forum on TPP has received a number of comments, including T.J. Pempel’s rejoinder and a vigorous debate on the Japan Forum LISTSERV sponsored […]

Country Report: South Korea (November 2013)

Japan and the ROK-US-Japan triangle preoccupied the Korean media through the early autumn. Criticism of the Abe administration only intensified, but it came amid growing concern about whether […]

Chinese Perspective

"New Model of Great Power Relations" How is a “New Model of Great Power Relations” Possible? The two decades following the end of the Cold War witnessed continuous […]

Is an Economic Cold War Emerging in Asia?

For the past 35 years, as China’s economic development accelerated in the post-Mao period, US policy towards the Asia-Pacific was aimed at fostering an environment that would gradually […]