The Next Phase of Sino-Japanese Relations

Relations between China and Japan are on the mend in the summer of 2015, but will this bring a significant upturn or will it lead only to another […]

Positive Scenario II: This Triangle Will Take Shape

The arguments against this triangle taking shape are essentially three-fold. First, North Korea will not abandon its nuclear weapons and will not accept a secondary role in relation […]

Negative Scenario I: This Triangle Will Not Take Shape

The argument for a China-Russia-DPRK triangle in Northeast Asia hinges on the idea that these three countries are willing to coordinate their actions on the international stage, adopt […]

Positive Scenario II

Randall Schriver’s essay “US-China Military-to-Military Relations in 2015: The Negative Indicators” sets a high bar for assessing the question of US-China mil-mil relations in 2015. He correctly notes […]

Positive Scenario I: This Triangle Will Take Shape

In the period 1949-1989, the Northern Triangle comprised of China, the Soviet Union, and North Korea played a formidable role in a hot war and then in the […]

The Sino-Russian-North Korean Northern Triangle

There has been much recent talk about strengthening Sino-Russian relations, but few have considered the implications for their policies toward North Korea. In this exchange of views, we […]

Negative Scenario I

Many analysts are quick to say that 2014 was a positive year for the US-China military-to-military (mil-mil) relationship. Those same analysts likely see positive trends continuing this year. […]

Positive Scenario I

After a 2014 filled with both symbolically and practically important developments in US-China military-to-military relations, what does 2015 hold for ties between the two countries’ armed forces? Is […]

US-China Military-to-Military Relations in 2015

With tensions growing over the South China Sea, an exchange about the state of mil-mil relations between China and the United States is timely. Are they improving, as […]