Circling the Square: History and Alliance Management

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TPP – 3

In the two months since my original article for The Asan Forum, TPP appears to have stalled. News reports of the most recent negotiating round, as well as […]

‘Sino-Japanese Relations after the Cold War: Two Tigers Sharing a Mountain’

Michael Yahuda, Sino-Japanese Relations after the Cold War: Two tigers Sharing a Mountain (London: Routledge: 2013) Bilateral relations between pairs of Northeast Asian countries—China, Japan, and South Korea– […]

Introduction to the Special Forum: March

The discourse employed in China to control the narrative on domestic and global issues has long attracted special attention. Confucian tradition placed fundamental importance on the “rectification of […]

Where Does Japan Fit in China’s “New Type of Great Power Relations?”

In recent years, the concept of a “new type of great power relations” (xinxing daguo guanxi) has appeared as a prominent theme in Chinese international relations discourse1. The […]

Washington Insights: March 2014

The month of February was marked by a Japanese public relations blitz, to which DC audiences often responded, “where is South Korea in this strategy?” There was also […]

TPP – 2

My article in The Asan Forum on TPP has received a number of comments, including T.J. Pempel’s rejoinder and a vigorous debate on the Japan Forum LISTSERV sponsored […]

Japan-South Korea Relations – 2

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Country Report: China (February 2014)

In the shadow of the pretense that Sino-US relations were improved by the Xi-Obama summit and are now guided by an understanding to pursue a “new type of […]