Dreaming Big, Acting Big: Xi’s Impact on China’s Military Development

Xi Jinping emerged from his recent US visit with no meaningful new constraints on the development, deployment, and use of China’s military. Constructively, as part of a larger […]

A US Perspective

  "Missile Defense on the Korean Peninsula"   From Political Taboo to Strategic Hedge: A US Perspective on Ballistic Missile Defense   Ballistic missile defense (BMD) is both […]

China and India: Coping with Growing Asymmetry

It is not just the GDP figure of China that has expanded to become nearly four times that of India’s; the components that constitute it reflect a picture […]

Russo-Chinese Relations in Strategic Perspective

Russian and Chinese leaders regularly profess an ever-growing congruence of interests and ever-increasing economic, political, and even military cooperation. According to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in October 2013, […]