The ROK-US Alliance – 4

Progress amidst Problems: Readout of This Month’s ROK-US Annual Security Meeting Thanks to Secretary Chuck Hagel’s important visit to South Korea last week, the ROK-US alliance is on […]

The ROK-US Alliance – 3

Defining Future Goals of the ROK-US Alliance During the Cold War era, South Korea anchored its security policy mainly to deterrence against the North Korean threat. The main […]

Introduction to Special Forum on Strategic Thinking about North Korea

North Korea has been discussed widely, especially since Kim Jong-un took the reins after Kim Jong-il’s death. Yet, not often is it considered to be a subject of […]

Chinese Strategic Thinking Regarding North Korea

In 2013, China is faced with the challenge of weighing the alternative goals of a favorable balance of power in Northeast Asia, a process of reunification on the […]

South Korea’s Strategic Thinking on North Korea and Beyond

For more than six decades, South Korea has coped with one of the most enduring geopolitical asymmetries in the world, namely, the South-North conundrum on the Korean Peninsula. […]

North Korea in Japan’s Strategic Thinking

Through the repeated cycles of North Korean missile and nuclear testing, negotiations, and sanctions that have characterized international reaction to Pyongyang’s proliferation, Japan has gradually lost ground it […]

Russian Strategic Thinking Regarding North Korea

For Russia the DPRK is not a normal state. The two facts that it is one of Russia’s nearest neighbors and it was founded by the Soviet Union […]

Country Report: China (October 2013)

Chinese writings on international relations in the Asia-Pacific region continue to be the most prolific and informative in comparison to Japanese, Korean, and Russian writings. Despite censorship and […]

US Perspective

Deterrence, NPT and the Two Koreas What Has Changed and What Is New in Engaging North Korea? (from remarks prepared for the Asan Nuclear Forum, February 2013) The […]

Asan Washington Forum Synopsis Part 2: The Alliance and North Korea

In this second and final part of the synopsis of the June 24-25 discussion, we focus on the triangle with North Korea. This summation may be read in […]