South Korean Perspective

Deterrence, NPT and the Two Koreas A South Korean View on Further Cuts in Nuclear Weapons In April 2009, during his visit to Prague, President Obama announced his […]

The ROK-US Alliance – 2

ROK-US Alliance Rescheduling the War-time OPCON Transition From a Time-driven Approach to a Situation-driven Approach ROK and US defense authorities recently held the 4th ROK-US Integrated Defense Dialogue […]

Retrospect and Prospect of the ROK-US Alliance at 60 and Beyond

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Black Swans: Order and Disorder in the Global System

The clarity of the Cold War with its neat division between the communist and capitalist worlds, and not so neat addition of the non-aligned or third world is […]

South Korean Perspective

"New Model of Great Power Relations" The New Sino-US Relations: A South Korean Perspective The top leaders of the United States and China getting together to jointly articulate […]

The ROK-US Alliance – 1

The ROK-US Alliance at 60 and Beyond The year 2013 marks the 60th anniversary of the ROK-US security alliance, which was officially established with the signing of the […]

Country Report: South Korea (July 2013)

Country Report: South Korea (prepared by Han Minjeong) The single event of most far-reaching significance for the Korean media was the visit of President Park Geun-hye to Beijing. […]