International Peace in Asia: Will it Endure?

International Peace in Asia: Will it Endure? 1 Post 1945 Asia has been conflict ridden.2 Between 1945 and 2010, there were a total of 71 major wars (in […]

Civilizational Divides and Regional Confrontations – 3

Both Gilbert Rozman and Francois Godement’s articles are stimulating and instructive, and it is a pleasure for me to follow up the debate. Issues raised by Rozman are […]

US Perspective

Deterrence, NPT and the Two Koreas What Has Changed and What Is New in Engaging North Korea? (from remarks prepared for the Asan Nuclear Forum, February 2013) The […]

The ROK-US Alliance – 2

ROK-US Alliance Rescheduling the War-time OPCON Transition From a Time-driven Approach to a Situation-driven Approach ROK and US defense authorities recently held the 4th ROK-US Integrated Defense Dialogue […]