Washington Insights (Vol. 4, No. 2)

Sino-US Relations While many are discussing the dominance of competition over cooperation in Sino-US relations, one DC presentation argued that both threads are intensifying under the strong leadership […]

Synopsis of Five-University Collaboration, Dec. 2014

Agenda: Five University Collaboration on East Asia Security Conflict & Cooperation File Download In mid-December, faculty and graduate students at five universities in five countries met again to […]

US Perspective

"New Model of Great Power Relations" Two Competing Visions of Asian Regional Order at Sunnylands A number of commentators in the United States and China argued that the […]

South Korean Perspective

"New Model of Great Power Relations" The New Sino-US Relations: A South Korean Perspective The top leaders of the United States and China getting together to jointly articulate […]

Country Report: South Korea (July 2013)

Country Report: South Korea (prepared by Han Minjeong) The single event of most far-reaching significance for the Korean media was the visit of President Park Geun-hye to Beijing. […]