Understanding the Challenge from China

The Trump administration’s National Security Strategy (NSS) characterizes China as a “revisionist power” that is “attempting to erode American security and prosperity” and “shape a world antithetical to […]

China’s Discourse of “Civilization”: Visions of Past, Present, and Future

In early 2017, Chinese president Xi Jinping gave a speech at a domestic national security seminar in which he boldly stated his aspiration to have China take on […]

Introduction to the Special Forum

Xi Jinping, indisputably, is the most consequential Chinese leader since the period of Deng Xiaoping. Much has been written, usually from a short-term perspective, about how he is […]

Xi Jinping Compared to Deng Xiaoping: Two Consequential Leaders of China

An Interview with Ezra Vogel, September 28, 2015 Author of the preeminent biography of Deng Xiaoping, Deng Xiaoping and the Transformation of China, Ezra Vogel agreed to draw […]