Country Report: South Korea (May 2015)

The Park administration’s diplomatic strategy was tested in the last two months concerning AIIB and Japan. On AIIB, while Seoul kept silent about its decision before joining as […]

Recalibrating the Rebalance: A View from South Korea

Akin to other key Asian powers that have a long-standing alliance with the United States, South Korea has welcomed America’s renewed attention to Asia although this is hardly […]

A Chinese Perspective

  "Missile Defense on the Korean Peninsula"   Why Is China Unhappy with the Deployment of THAAD in the ROK? On March 16, 2015 during his visit to […]

A South Korean Perspective

  "Missile Defense on the Korean Peninsula"   A South Korean View on the Deployment of THAAD to the ROK   On March 16, Assistant Foreign Minister Liu […]

A US Perspective

  "Missile Defense on the Korean Peninsula"   From Political Taboo to Strategic Hedge: A US Perspective on Ballistic Missile Defense   Ballistic missile defense (BMD) is both […]

Country Report: South Korea (November 2014)

South Korean newspapers have recently focused on parallels in international relations. As they follow developments in Ukraine and Hong Kong and keep their gaze on North Korea, they […]