Multilateralism in East Asia: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

In his masterpiece, “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly,” Italian film director Sergio Leone constructed a surreal cinematic space through microscopic close-ups of his movie characters juxtaposed […]

ASEAN-led Multilateralism and Regional Order: The Great Power Bargain Deficit

The post-Cold War East Asian and Asia-Pacific strategic landscape has been dominated by three factors: 1) the United States’ military preponderance underpinned by its hub-and-spokes San Francisco system […]

China’s Regionalism in Asia

President Obama’s “tour around China” and China’s response that “China is right here whether he (Obama) comes or not”1 reflect a delicate US-China estrangement. The China-Japan Diaoyu Island […]

China-Russia Relations in Central Asia

China-Russia relations in Central Asia are attracting increasing attention from scholars and policymakers. Most analysis thus far, however, has employed the competition framework in examining this relationship. In […]

Chinese Perspective

"New Model of Great Power Relations" How is a “New Model of Great Power Relations” Possible? The two decades following the end of the Cold War witnessed continuous […]

US Perspective

"New Model of Great Power Relations" Two Competing Visions of Asian Regional Order at Sunnylands A number of commentators in the United States and China argued that the […]